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Weekly. Your impatient side is tempted to step in, influence or even take over However, your ruling planet Mars's move into Aries, on 1 January – to remain.

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Welcome to September, Aquarius. You spent the new moon last month celebrating career success and looking fine AF. So what's up next? This month kicks off on Sunday, September 1, with messenger planet Mercury, which is currently in service-oriented Virgo, trining one of your ruling planets, Uranus, which is currently in Taurus. While your sign is already pretty brilliant, you'll be especially on the mark today.

Horoscop Urania: Zodia Varsator 3-9 august

People will listen to your intelligence both in personal and professional matters. Just when you thought everything and everyone was in order merrily following your influence, the rest of the week will descend into utter chaos. You don't do boring, water bearer — you are a revolutionary attempting to create a better world. You can't stand for unproductive or overly emotional hooligans.

Thankfully, on Sunday, September 8 , the planet of warrior Mars, which is currently in Virgo, trines your ruling planet Saturn, which is in professional Capricorn. Any crises are averted and you once again feel like a mastermind.

Natal Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is often described as cold and unemotional, someone who wants to make the world a better place yet doesn't always answer their best friend's text messages. You're full of depth but as an air sign, you choose your words carefully and take time to think things through. What can I say? Uranus is so stellar. On Aug. Retrogrades are for reflecting, revisiting, and reassessing situations, but not to worry because Uranus retrograde will be nothing like Mercury retrograde.

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During this retro cycle, Uranus' pizzazz is turned inward, which will, in turn, push you to rebel against what no longer serves you. Taurus is the money you spend, your sense of security, and values. So it's safe to say you're going to see a revolution in all things related to money and currency. BTW, in case you haven't noticed, the collective is already experiencing the effects of Uranus in Taurus with payment installments such as Afterpay and Klarna , not to mention cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Anyway, here's what Uranus retrograde in Taurus has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:. It's time for you to rebel against the things that no longer measure up to your self-worth, Aries. This retrograde cycle will completely revolutionize your value system and general levels of comfort.

Your whole life feels like it's in a flux right now, Taurus.

Your August Sex Horoscope - Monthly Horoscope Predictions

This is percent true, but you are also in the process of revolutionizing your personal identity, too. You're breaking subconscious patterns, Gemini. This retrograde cycle could be incredibly liberating for you, but it's important that you do the work. It's time you detach from the habits that no longer serve you.

No new friends, Cancer? This retrograde cycle is helping you break free from stagnant social groups in order to remind you of your place in the world. Leos may feel a similar pull toward reinvention, but in the career sector of their lives.

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Dewhirst says there's a chance they'll discover new professional pursuits online, particularly ones with an altruistic or activist slant. If these positions allow Leos to use their voices roars? Actually, the more we think about it, the more this seems like a task uniquely fit for Leos to face. Meanwhile, mysterious Scorpios could experience radical changes to their relationships in the next few years. And when we say "radical," we mean it — Dewhirst says some Scorps will see their love lives do a complete Belgrave writes that this major shift could begin with a period of instability, but trust that the dust will settle eventually.

Finally, Aquarians will feel this planetary shift in their house of home and family, Dewhirst says. They may realize their "family" is actually a chosen group of friends or that it's time to move homes to be closer to their aging parents.